In our upcoming Election Day on 11/8/22, we won’t just be choosing candidates for office. Voters in Wilton and throughout the state will also see this question on our ballots:

Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early voting?  

Connecticut is currently one of only 4 states - along with Mississippi, Alabama, and New Hampshire - that does not offer early in-person voting.   This is because in our state, election rules are detailed in our state constitution. This creates a form of chicken-egg quandary: before our elected officials can pass specific legislation that allows early voting, voters must first give the assembly that authority by voting YES on the ballot question. 

Who will benefit from this change? Everyone! Working parents, commuters, seniors, voters with disabilities, students, and all eligible voters who may face circumstances that make getting to the polls on Election Day difficult. Early Voting allows voters greater flexibility to cast their ballot in person in the days leading up to the election, without worrying if they are able to make it to the polls on Election Day.

Will Early Voting be available right away if the ballot measure passes?  No.  If voters vote YES on the ballot measure, the 2023 State Assembly will have the authority to start writing and debating specific legislation. Until our legislators have that authority, they are constrained by the state constitution from acting. 

Is Early Voting safe and reliable? Yes.  The process is the same as on Election Day, with the same checks and balances, using the ballot cast on the same equipment.


The Wilton League of Women Voters as well as the CT League of Women Voters urges constituents to vote YES on this ballot question.