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Date & Time
Jul 10, 2024 07:00 PM EST
Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Linda Greenhouse will join CT Mirror's John Dankosky to discuss the end of the recent U.S. Supreme Court term. Greenhouse, who covered the Court for nearly three decades at The New York Times, will offer her unique perspective on what the court's recent major decisions mean, their impact across the country, and their impact on the court itself.

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Looking for something to read this summer? The LWV Greenwich is launching a Book Discussion series. The first book is "The Age of Grievance" by Frank Bruni, New York Times journalist and now Duke University Professor. It is a provocative, non-partisan book about what ails us, and how we can move from being victims to neighbors and citizens, with a shared American mission. 
The discussion will be held on Wednesday, September 11th from 6:30 to 8:00pm at Athena Books in Old Greenwich. Start reading or listening now. Registration for the event opens in August.
Susan Herbst, Professor of Political Science and former University President at the University of Connecticut, will lead the discussion. Herbst has written many books and articles about American public opinion and politics. 
Some questions you may want to keep in mind while reading: 
1.  Have people always been angry, at their government and often at their local community leadership? Is it really a unique, modern phenomenon? Does the rise of grievance have something to do with social media?
2.  Did the pandemic have a long, profound psychological effect on us, that we just can’t see or understand yet? Did our sad, often searing, pandemic experiences feed the current sense of grievance?
3.  When you discover someone in your family or social group has significant anger (e.g., toward Biden, toward Trump, toward the media), is it hard to engage them? How do we have real, civil conversations with people we know, when they are so emotional, feeling deserted (or cheated) somehow by American elites?

Our Wilton LWV interns, Kendra and Lilah, worked with the high school library commons to host "Votes of Democracy" on Thursday, March 21st! Their goal was to inform students (who will be 18 by the election in November) about voting registration and introduce them to a few of our local leaders. Secretary of State, Stephanie Thomas, stopped by to talk about the importance of civics education.


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