Leagues often undertake studies.  Studies begin with an interest in a topic, and commence when a chair for the study is appointed and other volunteers demonstrate a willingness to work on the proposed study. 

According to the LWVCT Local League Reference Series-Study/Concurrence/Consensus 2014: “Study is the process of formally investigating and discussing a body of facts (including policy implications) whether supporting or contravening a working hypothesis, leading to or including a statement of position. A study can be part of any League’s “Program,” can take place at the local, state or national level, and is usually designed to provide the League with a basis for future political action.”

The Wilton League of Women Voters has participated in a number of studies; a few of WLWV’s recent studies are posted below.

The School Start Time Study-June 2005

LWVCT-School Start Time Concurrence Steering Committee-September 2005

Town Government Study-May 2006

The Impact on Wilton Families of the Current Economic Downturn-May 2010

The manner in which studies are conducted varies study to study, but for some general guidelines refer to the LWVCT Local League Reference Series or the WLWV Outline for Local Studies.