The Wilton League of Women Voters, Wilton Library Association, and GOOD Morning Wilton will be co-sponsoring two candidate debates between: Keith Denning (D) and Kim Healy (R) - 42nd House District; Toni Boucher (R) and Ceci Maher (D) - 26th Senate District.  The debates will be held in the Brubeck Room of the Wilton Library to constituents who wish to attend in person, and will also be streamed live to those who wish to attend virtually.

Denning/Healy will start at 7:00pm for approximately one hour and Boucher/Maher will begin after a short break. Approximately 60 minutes will be allotted to constituent questions in both debates.  The debate sessions will follow a modified town hall format led by a League-trained out-of-town moderator.  

Constituents who plan to attend the debates in person must register through the Wilton Library registration link.  Those who wish to attend virtually may do so in real time on  In addition, the debates will be recorded and be made available for later viewing at,, and here at the Wilton LWV website.

Constituents are also invited to submit questions to the candidates, either in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or live from the audience in the Brubeck Room. All submitted questions must include the full name of the submitting constituent; only one question can be submitted per email; all questions must be applicable to all candidates and pertinent to state issues; questions targeted at one specific candidate will not be accepted. All questions will be screened for legibility, duplication, and may be combined or condensed.

ZOOM Discussion: Saturday 2/26 from 2:30-3:30 pm

Please join us on Zoom as Wilton Library and the Wilton League of Women Voters present a Legislative Dialogue to give our elected state legislators an opportunity to present their priorities for the 2022 Connecticut Assembly session, and for constituents to provide them feedback and ask them questions about issues facing our town and state. Senator Will Haskell (District 26), Representative Stephanie Thomas (District 143), and Representative Tom O'Dea (District 125) have been invited.

Registration required in order to receive the Zoom invitation link.   Please register online or call the library at 203-762-6334.  Email the League at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions you would like the legislators to address. Constituents will also be able to submit questions during the virtual event.






NEW, EXPANDED “I VOTED” STICKERS. Expanded to include a diverse sampling of activist women from across the state who worked for passage of the 19th Amendment.


Most of Wilton CT’s planned events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment were upended by the pandemic. So today, the Town’s First Selectwoman and many Wilton organizations are posting virtual ‘I VOTED’ stickers on their social media platforms. These ‘digital stickers’ are not the generic flag version voters are familiar with. Instead, the series consists of six designs, most with images of Wilton women who fought for equality in the late 1800s/early 1900s — Grace Knight Schenck, Hannah Raymond Ambler, Alice Merwin Eakland and more. Republicans and Democrats alike fought for equality at the ballot box. The posts include short captions explaining the women’s contributions.

Because of the changes in voting this year — the expansion of voting by absentee ballot and the move to ‘contactless’ in-person voting, the idea of giving out ‘I VOTED’ stickers at the polls was shelved and the project transitioned to a digital format. Wilton organizations are posting these digital files on their Facebook and Instagram pages and distributing them to their respective members/databases in time for the August 11th primary election and again on November 3rd for the general election. Wilton voters are invited to upload, post and share the images on their preferred social media platforms for friends and neighbors (and the world) to see. We hope this encourages others to vote as well as educate themselves on the suffrage movement locally and nationally. Perhaps this effort will inspire others to celebrate their own local suffrage history.

Wilton’s First Selectwoman (Lynne Vanderslice) and CT’s Secretary of State (Denise Merrill) are participating in this project, along with the Wilton Historical Society, the Wilton Library, the Wilton League of Women Voters, the Wilton DTC, the Wilton Garden Club, the Wilton YMCA, Ambler Farm and Weir Farm, to name a few. Ms President USA will also participate, an organization that helps empower young women not yet able to vote.

The project was initiated by Pamela Hovland, a Wilton resident, graphic designer, faculty member at Yale University and a long-time visual activist. Pamela collaborated with Julie Hughes, archivist at the Wilton Library History Room and Peggy Reeves, a former Democratic Registrar of Voters in Wilton, a former State Representative, and the former Director of Elections for the Secretary of the State’s office, now on staff focusing on voting access.

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