How Wilton Works:  A Conversation with Wilton Board and Commission Members

Wednesday, March 15th, 7-8pm

The Little Theater, Wilton High School

Please join the Wilton League of Women Voters, along with our co-sponsor the Miller-Driscoll Parent Teacher Association (PTA), in a conversation with a panel of fellow Wiltonians who will share their personal stories of why they wanted to serve our town and how they went about doing it.

This program, which builds on the foundation of the How Wilton Works program of last spring, will give Wilton residents an opportunity to hear how fellow townspeople came to serve on different boards and commissions.  This will be an informal, dynamic conversation that leaves room for Wilton residents - new to town and/or new to thinking about how to more deeply engage and serve in our community - to pose questions and learn about the many ways to participate in making our town work and thrive.

Panelists will include members of Wilton's Board of Selectmen, Board of Education, Parks and Recreation Commission, Economic Development Commission, Historic District Commission, Master Plan Subcommittee, Amenities Subcommittee, and the Wilton Library Board of Directors.  We will also provide some Frequently Asked Questions on different facets of the process of serving in different appointed and elected capacities, including links to last spring's How Wilton Works program. 

Stephanie Thomas, Connecticut's new Secretary of the State, for whom grassroots efforts to expand civic engagement are a passion, will join the event to make final remarks.

The event will be held in person at the Little Theater and will also be viewable HERE.

Refreshments will be available following the program.



Town Hall with Wilton Town Administrator Matt Knickerbocker

Thursday March 30 (7-8:30pm)

at the Wilton Library Brubeck Room

Join Town Administrator Matt Knickerbocker in an open Town Hall forum. The Town Administrator role is new to our town governance system, and Matt is the first person ever to serve in this capacity. He began the job in September 2022, so this Town Hall at the six-month mark will be a great opportunity for him to read out his early on-the-job insights. He'll speak about his work in implementing the mission of streamlining Town operations and finding new efficiencies, as outlined by the First Selectwoman and Board of Selectmen when the position of Town Administrator was created. He will also briefly touch on the history of our classic New England “town meeting” form of government and the highly interconnected functions that exist between public, private and civic organizations that help it function successfully.

Prior to coming to Wilton, Knickerbocker was First Selectman in Bethel, CT, for 13 years. During that time, he worked closely with Lynn Vanderslice on various municipal and regional projects as part of WestCOG (Western CT Council of Governments). He was also a member of the Bethel Board of Education for ten years, serving seven years as chairman, when he oversaw renovation of two school buildings and comprehensive curriculum revamp.

Constituents can register for this event through the library calendar, and submit questions in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

This program is co-sponsored by Wilton Library and Wilton League of Women Voters.

**UPDATE as of 2/28**  This event is ON tonight at 7p!  Drive safely and we hope to see you there.


Please join us as we present, with our co-sponsor the Wilton Library, a Legislative Dialogue to give our elected state legislators an opportunity to present their priorities for the 2023 Connecticut Assembly session, and for constituents to provide them feedback and ask them questions about issues facing our town and state.  Senator Ceci Maher (District 26) and Representative Keith Denning (District 42) both plan to attend.

This event will be held in person in the Brubeck Room at Wilton Library.  It will also be recorded and made available through the library and the League after the event.

Free and open to the public, but as seating is limited, please register online.  Constituents can submit questions to the legislators in advance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and will also be able to submit questions during the live event.


If you missed the event, you can find the video here:

The Candidate Debates will be held on October 25, 2022 in the Brubeck Room of the Wilton Library and are co-sponsored by the Wilton Library as well as Good Morning Wilton.

The candidates running for State Representative will start their debate at 7:00 pm; and those running for State Senate will follow after a short break.

In both debates, sixty minutes will be allotted to constituent questions, with additional time for brief introductory and closing remarks.  Both debates will follow a modified town hall format under the LWV cumulative time guidelines.  Both debates will be led by an out-of-town moderator trained by the state League of Women Voters.

Each candidate will have 30 seconds to introduce themselves.

Thereafter we will move into questions, with an initial kickoff question presented by the Wilton LWV and subsequent questions submitted by constituents, either in advance or from the floor.  Constituents are invited to submit questions in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or to submit questions live from the audience in the Brubeck Room.  All questions must include the full name of the constituent posing the question; only one question will be submitted per email or index card; and all questions must be applicable to all candidates and pertinent to state-level issues (questions targeted at one specific candidate will not be accepted).  All questions will be screened for legibility, duplication, and may be combined or condensed.  The moderator will determine the first candidate to respond to the first question by lot, and rotate between candidates thereafter.

At the close of the hour of questions, each candidate will have up to 90 seconds for closing remarks.

In addition to the live audience, both debates will also be livestreamed and recorded.  They will be viewable live in real time on .  In addition, they will be recorded for later viewing at , , and elsewhere as available.


In our upcoming Election Day on 11/8/22, we won’t just be choosing candidates for office. Voters in Wilton and throughout the state will also see this question on our ballots:

Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early voting?  

Connecticut is currently one of only 4 states - along with Mississippi, Alabama, and New Hampshire - that does not offer early in-person voting.   This is because in our state, election rules are detailed in our state constitution. This creates a form of chicken-egg quandary: before our elected officials can pass specific legislation that allows early voting, voters must first give the assembly that authority by voting YES on the ballot question. 

Who will benefit from this change? Everyone! Working parents, commuters, seniors, voters with disabilities, students, and all eligible voters who may face circumstances that make getting to the polls on Election Day difficult. Early Voting allows voters greater flexibility to cast their ballot in person in the days leading up to the election, without worrying if they are able to make it to the polls on Election Day.

Will Early Voting be available right away if the ballot measure passes?  No.  If voters vote YES on the ballot measure, the 2023 State Assembly will have the authority to start writing and debating specific legislation. Until our legislators have that authority, they are constrained by the state constitution from acting. 

Is Early Voting safe and reliable? Yes.  The process is the same as on Election Day, with the same checks and balances, using the ballot cast on the same equipment.


The Wilton League of Women Voters as well as the CT League of Women Voters urges constituents to vote YES on this ballot question.